I enjoy building robust distributed systems and designing infrastructure that deals with inaccuracies. In addition, I'm interested in compiler optimizations and practical functional programming.

In the Technology section you can read about some of the projects I've done, such as decoder for cyclic error-correcting codes, compiler design and optimizations, and multi-threaded memory allocator.


I graduated from music school (8-year program), having been trained as a concert pianist. I briefly played drums, and enjoy composing classical and academic electronic music.

In the Music section you can listen to some of my works that I made in my free time and when I took an Electronic Music Composition class in college. The pieces are inspired by acoustic feedback, raw sounds of the environment, and water.

Visual Art

I enjoy making art in all forms. Currently I'm exploring surrealist landscapes and am experimenting with textures created by oil paints and other media.

In the Visual Art section you can see some of my works in pastels, oil paints, charcoal, pencil, and metal. In addition, you can find models I've designed for 3D printers and my embroidery work.