This is a video of me performing the piano piece "My Aivazovsky" that I composed. The piece was inspired by movement of waves. Aivazovsky is one of my favorite painters, who is widely considered as one of the greatest sescape painters of all times. I heard the motive of the piece in my head, wrote it down and played it, and later developed it into a complete piece.

One of the interesting parts about this piece is that it is played and should be played with sustain pedal on from the beginning of the piece until the end to reach the desired effects. From Wikipedia, "When pressed, the sustain pedal "sustains" all the damped strings on the piano by moving all the dampers away from the strings and allowing them to vibrate freely. All notes played will continue to sound until the pedal is released." The soundscape of the piece is such that the notes played in the piece do not create the "muddy", dissonant effect with the sustain pedal on, but rather create an unusual sound spectrum.

First variation of the composition in style Musique Concrète. The piece uses a lot of raw sounds. Some of the sounds, such as closing of a drawer, spraying of a hand sanitizer bottle, are familiar to the listener, while others, such as cutting of an aluminium foil with a metal knife, are unusual. The sounds are combined together to achieve the dynamic unpolished effect.

Second variation of the composition in style Musique Concrète. The sounds in this version have been digitally processed to give the piece a more polished sound.

Acoustic feedback, also known as Larsen Effect or simply feedback, is a kind of positive feedback that occurs when a sound loop exists between an audio input (usually, microphone) and an audio output (monitors). The sound from the monitors is received by the microphone, which in turn is passed out of the monitors.

After a few hours of experimenting with how various delays and pitch shifting introduced into the system sound, I recorded them. While recording the sounds, I had a vision of a ship moving through deep dark still waters, so I composed the piece to illustrate this idea.

This piece is composed of several sounds that are different in nature. Repetition of a single spoken phrase sets the rhythm throughout the piece. The peaceful sounds of nature and singing birds are contrasted by screeching industrial noises.

This is a remix of several Bassnectar tracks:

Artist Track Name Album
Bassnectar & Ill.Gates Probable Cause Divergent Spectrum
Bassnectar Upside Down Divergent Spectrum
Bassnectar The Matrix Divergent Spectrum
Bassnectar Bass Head Timestretch (EP)

The track also includes original recordings.