This is David and Aysylu's (DnA) Restaurant Guide. It sums up the places we have been and liked a lot, limited to LES & East Village. If you'd like more areas, we've been places, and we can recommend a handful more around Manhattan.

NOTE: this guide is a bit out of date, as many of our favorite places closed (;(), and many new ones popped up in the meantime.

2nd Floor on Clinton -- fancy unusual cocktails with at least a half-dozen ingredients in a beautiful place that reminds you of an old English library ($14/cocktail)
Elsa Bar -- a cool place with a huge variety of awesome cocktails ($12/cocktail)
The Backroom Bar -- speakeasy that you have to get through a back alley, oil paintings of naked people, drinks served in coffee cups, decor is great, drinks are nothing special ($12/drink)
Mother's Ruin -- good cocktails, fun hipster vibe ($15/cocktail)

Fatta Cuckoo -- new american dinner & normal brunch ($20/p, dinner $50/p); flavor-forward drinks and food; always full of experimental delicious treats
wd~50 -- for very awesome molecular gastronomy ($90+/p)
Freemans Restaurant -- best artichoke dip you've ever had, good drinks and food, taxidermy, oil paintings, and old mirrors ($50/p)
Schiller's -- our picks: chicken pot pie, steak frites, moules frites. Good cocktails, good draft wine, energetic (read: LOUD) atmosphere ($40/p)
Spitzer's -- great for brunch: truffle mac & cheese, many kinds of omelets, skirt steak & eggs ($15/p)
Dudley's -- good for brunch and dinner. Variety of cocktails. Australian food (25/p)
Meatball Shop -- gourmet meatballs (no pasta) ($11/p)
Clinton Street Bakery -- brunch & dinner pancakes, waffles, etc + new american (ex fried chicken and waffles are awesome there) ($20/p)

Cafe Habana -- cuban food, must try grilled corn ($16/p)

Barrio Chino -- mexican hipster, must try enchilada mole ($20/p)

Antibes Bistro -- tasty food + cocktails ($23/p)
Gentleman Farmer -- French/exotic meats ($35/p)
Taureau -- BYOB fondue (sat/sun prefix $60/p) (otherwise $35/p, maybe $25/p if you only get one kind)

'inoteca [closed] -- bruschetta and italian food (no pasta) ($16/p)

Saro Bistro -- Balkan comfort food, great drinks ($25/p)
Korzo haus -- deep fried hungarian burgers & other hungarian food ($11/p)
Cafe Katja-- Austrian/German awesomeness ($20/p)

Masala Wala -- great Indian restaurant with excellent service ($20/p)
Indian grocery place at 1st ave & Houston ($6/p)

Yunnan Kitchen -- yunnan chinese tapas with romantic/trendy ambiance ($30/p)
Mission Chinese -- American Szechuan food: thrice cooked bacon + kung pao pastrami; mega hipster, free beer while you wait (21+ only) ($12/p if you get 2 of the larger dishes)

Kenka -- ramen, cheap beer, other Japanese awesomeness, cotton candy for after the meal
Yopparai -- super expensive and super delicious authentic japanese food and sake ($50+/p)
Kajitsu -- amazing Shojin cuisine, vegetarian ($100+/p) (used to be located in East Village, now in mid-town)
MaisonO -- various izakaya dishes and sushi, cool decor; you've got to try the black cod dish--it's amazing! ($40-50/p + alcohol)
Cocoron -- soba noodles that you dip into flavorful broths ($15-20/p)
Ramen Misoya -- delicious ramen! they have a homemade chili sauce that's really delicious for a bit more than the regular spicy ramen ($15/p)

Pig & Khao -- Southeast Asian inspired cuisine offers a variety of Thai and Filipino influences, great meat dishes ($25/p)
Kuma Inn -- Thai and Filipino influenced small plate dishes ($22/p)
Kittichai -- trendy Thai place with beautiful decorand tasty dishes with excellent presentation ($30/p)

Oda House -- must have khachapuri (cheese bread), Georgian wines. The best (only?) Georgian place in the city ($30/p)

San Marzano [closed] -- great for brunch egg pizza and unlimited mimosas ($15/p) and brick oven pizza for dinner
Rizzo's pizza -- really good thin crust delicious pizza ($10/p)

Cheeky Sandwiches -- delicious Louisiana-inspired sandwiches and po' boys ($10/p)
Little Muenster -- gourmet grilled cheese ($10/p)
Wolfnights -- israeli inspired gourmet wraps ($10/p)
$1 pizza @ Clinton & Rivington ($2/p)
C&C Prosperity dumplings ($3/p)
Vanessa's Dumplings -- same prices but more variety ($6/p)