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Upcoming talks

October 2017: Voxxed Days Belgrade on zero-downtime migrations

Zero Downtime Migration: How to Replace a Jet Engine of Your System In-Flight

I gave a keynote on this topic at MesosCon Asia in China and a longer version in a session talk at (Video and Slides)

Distributed Systems in Practice, in Theory

Variations of this talk were presented at QCon London 2016, QCon NYC 2016, ScaleConf Colombia 2017, and JAX London 2016. (Video and Slides)

Building a Distributed Build System at Google Scale

I presented this talk at StrangeLoop and GOTO Chicago 2016. (Video and Slides)

Benchmarking: You're Doing It Wrong

I gave variations of this talk at StrangeLoop 2014, RICON 2014, JAX London 2015, DevNexus 2015. (Video and Slides)

Loom and Graphs in Clojure

I gave variations of this talk at Clojure/West 2014, LambdaConf 2015, and LispNYC meetup in 2014. (Video and Slides)

I gave an overview of the past 2 years of development in Loom, including its API evolution and the additional algorithms in the (+ Loom (years 2)) talk at Clojure/West 2016. I also discussed the tradeoffs I had to make as a maintainer of the library and the way I balanced my open-source work with my other life responsibilities. (Video and Slides)

Talks at Papers We Love

2017: Denver

I presented the paper Copysets: Reducing the Frequency of Data Loss in Cloud Storage at the inaugural Papers We Love Denver. (Slides)

2015: San Francisco

I presented the paper Probabilistic Accuracy Bounds for Fault-Tolerant Computations that Discard Tasks at Papers We Love Too (SF) session. We discussed the field of inaccurate computations that allows us to have more robust computations at the cost of some inaccuracy. (Slides)

2014: New York

I presented a paper on compiler and virtual machine technology, One VM to Rule Them Alland others, at the Papers We Love NYC meetup. The paper explains how you can write an interpreter and get an optimizing just-in-time (JIT) compiler for free. (Video and Slides)

Interviews & Podcasts

2015: Cognicast Episode 76

I had a great time talking with Craig Andera on Cognicast about art, Loom, and trying new things.

2015: NightHacking Interview

I gave an interview on NightHacking on benchmarking, art and music.

2015: Functional Geekery at LambdaConf

I gave a mini-interview on learning Clojure, Loom, and functional languages I found interesting to learn about at LambdaConf 2015.

Editorial Tracks

2017: Modern Computer Science in the Real World

I hosted the Modern CS in the Real World track at QCon New York 2017. This editorial track featured 5 speakers, each of whom is an expert in the fields of system engineering, virtual reality, machine learning, statistical optimizations, and functional programming.

2016: Architecting for Failure

Architecting for Failure track at QCon San Francisco 2016 shaped the conversations around designing for resilience of systems from the start, covering a variety of potential sources of failure.

2014 - 2016: Papers We Love Google

I organized the internal version of Papers We Love talk series at Google.