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Speaking at Your Event

I’m an experienced speaker, enthusiastic to share my experience and knowledge of best practices. Specifically, I enjoy discussing the design and implementation of robust distributed and large-scale systems, performance benchmarks, and contributing to and maintaining open source projects. I’m fortunate enough to get a lot of requests to speak. This information is for anyone who might want to invite me to their event.


My public speaking engagements are listed on my website. I also have other professional engagements, including my responsibilities on the full-time job. Drop me a line if you want to check my availability to give a talk at your event.

Expectations from Me if I Speak at Your Event

I am a professional and dedicated speaker. You can rely on my being at the venue when required, fully prepared.


I will be reachable and available in the run up to the event. I will ensure that you get any information you need to promote my talk in good time. I will tweet and share the fact I’m speaking at your event, if it is a public event, in order to increase awareness and help you sell tickets. If you have special promotions, I’ll be happy to share those on public channels. I will be happy for you to record my talk and distribute it for free, to take and use photos, and share my slide deck.

While I do create talks that I use for a variety of events, I tailor the talk for each event I speak at once I understand the type of attendees that will be listening. The more information you can provide about the attendees and the coverage of topics at your event with ample notice, the better I can tailor the talk to the event.


Unless otherwise agreed, I will attend the full event and be available for any additional things you want speakers to take part in. For example being on a panel of speakers, attending “meet the speakers” sessions and so on. Just let me know your plans.

Expectations from You if I Speak at Your Event

I will do a great job if you ask me to speak, and you can help by doing the following.


I don’t get sent by my employer to speak at your event. Sharing my technical knowledge is my passion project, and while my employer has been tremendously supportive of my initiative to speak at public events, I can’t subsidize my participation at your event. This means that at a minimum I need my airfare and hotel accommodation covered. I live in Boulder, CO in the US. The sooner I know about your event and we agree on my participation, the sooner I’ll book my tickets, thus reducing the travel cost.

Onsite Setup & Information

I expect to present from my own laptop. I use a Macbook Pro, and will have everything I need with me. I will need to know slide resolution and any other technical details that might be helpful to know as I prepare.

Let me know in advance the expected audience for the event: their technical background, whether they are mostly from large companies or are freelancers and so on. In addition, let me know early any additional events you expect me to attend.

Bonus Points

If you can tell me more about the architecture and food scene of your city, or hiking and wildlife spotting opportunities nearby.